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Critics of our postmodern age love to point out that the invention of the popular, portable, personal music systems in the late 1970s contributed to an increasingly fragmented and walled-off social formation.  In a typical “get off my lawn” moment, they neglect the fact that the development of mass transit in the 1800s already underscored this urban fragmentation that had been in full effect for, oh, thousands of years.  All the invention of the iPod and similar devices did was extend the variety that was available to each commuter.  The question is how to put this variety to the service of full sensory effect.  Hence the following Authoritative Running Downhill Guide to Early Morning Elevated or Subway or Surface Train Commute Music:


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Though we don’t always adhere to it, we started Running Downhill with the intention of making outrageous claims, judgments, statements, etc. So fuck it–forget Animal Collective, forget The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, forget any band or record that’s getting tons of hype so far in 2009. Throw out your Andrew Bird, Antony & The Johnstons, Neko Case, and whatever other bullshit records and listen up. I don’t mean to be pushy, but Odawas’ The Blue Depths is the best record of 2009 so far. (more…)

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Sometimes when one is driving through certain landscapes, the musical accompaniment just feels right. In fact, one should probably assemble one’s tapes, CDs, and iPod playlists around said landscapes, because, well, it’s what 19th-century Romantic composers and Debussy would do. (more…)

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