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Every so often one of Running Downhill’s esteemed staff members will be contributing to OH WOWEE!, Josh Honn’s excellent blog about out-of-print records (with free downloads!). These pieces will be re-posted here for maximum exposure. Previous pieces can be found here and here.



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Hello yall. Things have been a little slow over here at Running Downhill, as usual, but we just wanted to reassure you that this down time hasn’t been going to waste. Our good friend Josh “Birdzilla” Honn recently started OH WOWEE!, a weekly updated blog dedicated to the writing about and sharing of out of print records. We think it’s a really great idea, and not only that, but we’ve already contributed two very important pieces of work to this wonderful site. Check it-

Ted’s writeup on Walk Mink’s power-punk classic “Miss Happiness”


Eric’s writeup on Lilys’ american shoegaze masterpiece “In the Presence of Nothing”

That’s all for now.


Running Downhill Staff

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